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Upcoming events…  and a link to the blog…

  • I have some exciting public talks coming up and I do hope you’ll join me: in June, I will be speaking at one of the Kingston-Frontenac Public Library’s beautiful venues, in August I’ll be participating in the Canadian Nautical Research Society‘s annual symposium, and in September I will be part of the Kingston WritersFest. Stay tuned for details! Until then, my classes and wonderful students at RMC are keeping me more than busy. Have a look at the blog to read about some of what we’ve been up to – rooting around in the archives and whatnot.
  • I had a great chat with guest host Carmen Klassen on CBC Ottawa’s All in a Day about Lady Franklin of Russell Square and Lady Franklin herself, my favourite Victorian rabble rouser. Carmen was right to call attention to my work in the Royal Military College’s English Department, without which none of my work would be possible.

Lady Franklin of Russell Square



Lady Franklin of Russell Square: synopsis and reviews


As affecting the fate of my absent husband



As affecting the fate of my absent husband: synopsis and reviews