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  • The northern world is shutting down for winter; snow has come and gone (and come and gone) here in beautiful Kingston, Ontario. No matter the weather, I head out to the edge of the peninsula here on campus and grab as much oxygen as the lake breeze wants to throw my way; I like it best when I have to turn away in order to breathe… and still, just off the rock, the ducks bob silently up and down. December is a quiet month for talks and events beyond fabulous parties with friends, but come the new year I’ve got some public commitments in the local area: in February you can join me at the Brockville Museum and at Kingston’s Maritime Museum of the Great Lakes for talks on all things Franklin Expedition (dates to be confirmed anon). And, of course, I’ll be teaching those amazing students at RMC, whose minds are as bright as their scarlet tunics standing out against the pale season.

Lady Franklin of Russell Square



Lady Franklin of Russell Square: synopsis and reviews


As affecting the fate of my absent husband



As affecting the fate of my absent husband: synopsis and reviews