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  • In November I have two exciting whistlestops on the other side of the continent. The first is in Seattle, at the Victorian Interdisciplinary Studies Association of the Western US for their conference on “Victorian Stakes and Stakeholders” from 6-9 November; I’ll be talking about the struggle of naval ships’ surgeons in the C19 to  professionalize in an environment that made it almost impossible to do so. Next, I’m due at the Vancouver Maritime Museum on 10 November for a presentation on my favourite Victorian domestic warrior, Lady Franklin! I’ll be doing a hybrid presentation on the Franklin Expedition’s historical record and what it’s like to play with it as a novelist.
  • Another school year is well underway at the gorgeous, clever Royal Military College of Canada, where I am so lucky to work. In the department of English, Culture, and Communication, my colleagues are filling the shelves in both the academic and literary worlds: Chantel Lavoie just had two sonnets published online, and Irwin Streight has just signed a book deal for a monograph on Flannery O’Connor. Day to day, we workshop critical reading and writing with the best and brightest, and fill each of our days (and hopefully theirs!) with inspiration.

Lady Franklin of Russell Square



Lady Franklin of Russell Square: synopsis and reviews


As affecting the fate of my absent husband



As affecting the fate of my absent husband: synopsis and reviews