…to the RMC archives and beyond!

I run a short weekly column in my college newspaper–I call it flash journalism–that asks folks on campus what they’re reading that’s not connected with school. Faculty and students give the most wonderful answers: biographies about hockey heroes, fantasies about generals serving in Satan’s army, the whole gamut of genres. Sometimes I have to accost a couple of people before finding someone with a story to tell, but this week in my archives class, I just sat back and watched the magic happen on its own. My distance-learning students rooted around in the Library and Archives Canada digital collections, and in the classroom, we gingerly extracted letters, diaries, and maps from the special collections boxes. You could feel the energy crackle in the room. It’s an especial privilege working with such curious students; to my utter delight, upon opening a Victorian-era spiritual diary, one let out a “Woah, this is SICK!” I can hardly wait to see the projects take shape. For more detail on what projects the students have chosen, here’s a link to my e-veritas article: RMC’s WS529/ENE472 class: Working with Archives.

472 class

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