talking to kids about writing

It was with absolute pleasure that I met with Ryan, a local 7th grader, to talk about the writing process: how books get written, what research is involved, how one gets published – the whole shebang from first to last. We chatted about the historical research that went into Lady Franklin of Russell Square, and how to get over those feelings of embarrassment when you know someone is reading your work. For me, the highlight of the interview was when I got to talk to Ryan about his own work in progress: a YA fantasy novel about a group of kids living in caves, searching for the 6 spirits that represent 6 of the 7 tribes to which they might belong, and which they need to discover. He’s got a whole series planned, and he’s well on his way with a fantastic first line that had me hooked.


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  1. Thank you for sharing you expertise with young writers! It’s such a mysterious business and part of our jobs to make it less so for up-and-comers, I believe. I can’t wait to read Ryan’s series. It sounds amazing!


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