Explorers in Picton, 13 July

Macaulay heritage park

For those of you who already know that Picton in Prince Edward County sets the bar unbelievably high for gorgeous corners of our humongous country, that its environs produce some of the best wine and cider, fun beaches, shady, bird-filled trails, and astoundingly delicious icecream parlours, there’s more! Picton is home to Macaulay Heritage Park, a fantastic local history museum that celebrates the County and the Country through immersive displays, public talks, heritage markets, and more. I was there in February at an evening with Parks Canada about the Erebus and Terror, and the crowd was big and keen, even during a snowstorm.

The weather is friendlier this season, and I’ll be talking about Lady Franklin and all things polar in the Parlour of Macaulay House (23 Church Street), part of the County’s “Second Thursday” summer series. Talk starts at 11, but there’s much more to see and do throughout the day. Hope to see you there – I’m already looking forward to my wood-fired pizza.



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